Grilled, Simmering, Fried, Sashimi, be impressed by our skillful chefs.
They dish up dining experiences with seasonal ingredients and various cooking methods.

We present the freshest seafood from the seas around Japan. We work with a handful of select suppliers to bring you live fishes from Tokyo Bay.
Our skillful and experienced chefs ensure that our guests receive an authentic & gastronomic experience with various cooking methods.
Also, we are producing unique dishes with seasonal fish to allow you the taste of season change.
We are always available for your various functions, from good lunch deals on weekdays to limited-produced weekend special lunch gozen and business/ceremony functions.
Our staff always welcomes you with our sincere hearts.

  • Smoked Assortment980 yen

  • Mackerel Roasted Bar Sushi1,180 yen

  • Homemade Rice Bran Fermented Pickles (Nukazuke)550 yen

  • Salted Sea Urchin980 yen

  • Grilled Mentaiko660 yen

  • Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette)680 yen

  • Boiled Duck breast830 yen

  • Fresh Ham Salad960 yen

  • Assorted Tempura980 yen

  • Tea Soba770 yen

  • Seafood Thick-rolled Sushi1,280 yen

  • Today's Sherbet380 yen

  • Petit Roll Cake with Fruits750 yen

  • Today's Ice Cream380 yen

  • Assorted sashimifrom 1,740 yen per person
    (The photo displayed for 3-4 people)

  • Today's grilled fish / boiled fish980yen~